Light Therapy Beats The Winter Blues

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Does your mood dip when the sun disappers? Many people experience fatigue, low motivation and depression with seasonal changes in ambient light, called SAD or seasonal affective disorder. Research shows Canadians don’t get as much sunlight as we need to optimize our health.  The good news?  Light therapy helps.

Sunlight powers your natural biorhythms to regulate your physiological processes. Low sunlight confuses biorhythms, reduces sleep quality and weakens your cells’ ability to fight off colds, repair injuries and eliminate toxins. You feel run down and become more vulnerable to stress, negative moods and illness.

Bright light therapy is a great solution to the winter blues. Small SAD lights from retail stores achieve limited results.  Our special bright light therapy bathes you in super bright rich colours to jump start your biorhythms in quick 15 minute relaxing sessions.

Like a nap on a sun drenched beach, our light therapy treatment reduces fatigue, boosts energy and melts stress.  Our high-potency light also improves your skin tone, reduces acne and increases skin clarity.

Stay strong and positive throughout the winter with our light therapy treatments.

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