How I overcame anxiety with Neurofeedback brain training

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I first heard of brain mapping through my former chiropractor in Victoria who had great success with it.  I found Dr Diamond and Brainigo on the internet and was thrilled that they were close to home in Comox. At that time I was looking for a solution to my 30 year struggle with fibromyalgia.

Dr Diamond wasn’t sure if the process could help my fibro so my GP put me on sleeping pills and my husband and I went on a long two month cruise.  Upon our return January 1, I came down with a terrible flu and immediately had daily panic attacks in the early evening when the sky was dark.  It was my first winter in Courtenay after spending the past 5 winters in California. The lack of sun, grey skies and fog was difficult. This came as a huge surprise.  I was still on sleeping pills which my doctor wanted me off.  My fibro pain was under control but I knew that if I didn’t sleep it would come back.  Time for another call to Dr. Diamond.

My husband came with me for my initial brain mapping session and it was all I could do to sit still for 20 minutes.  I began with five 20 minute light therapy sessions as well as the neurofeedback brain training   After the first treatment my panic attacks stopped.  I slowly came off my sleeping pills and am happy to report that I have never slept better!  I haven’t had any more panic attacks, which were disabling, but the odd time I feel a small ripple of anxiety as darkness comes, so I am now following up with another five sessions just to “top me up”.

There has been another significant change in me…….A month ago I broke a tooth, then two weeks ago I had a crown on the other side come off. I would do anything not to have to see a dentist even though I have a wonderful one!  More than once in my life things have gone flying while I was in the dental chair.  This week I broke down and saw my dentist who has a full file on what not to do and how to keep me calm.  Both he and his assistant could not believe how relaxed I was for my 2 hour appointment. They kept asking me if I was OK and I kept giving them the thumbs up!  I really couldn’t believe it either!

Bonus, no more dread of dentists!



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