Neurofeedback VR Meditation

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Three worlds colliding: Neurofeedback, Virtual Reality, and Meditation.

Technology is changing quickly, and it’s becoming more mental health-friendly. Imagine being able to sit in a chair, visually in the most serene environment, all while training your brain to be less anxious and more positive. Now it’s possible.

We’ve just begun Neurofeedback VR Meditations. Empirically supported, they target stress, anxiety, and negativity.

The Experience

“Water trickles all around me, gently running over and around the stones below. I’m immersed in the beautiful world instantly. It’s a guided meditation; the woman speaks to me about positivity. Calmness is welcomed and breathing comes easily. I am told to think of happy memories.

“I can see my brain waves. They’re projected on the screen and they flow up and down as thoughts fly in and out of my mind. Every once in a while the meditation stops because my Gamma waves in the left frontal lobe dip too low, and I have to focus on finding my happy place in order to continue. Honestly, this proved to be hard! As a stressed-out student with lots going on, my thoughts would often stray to the pressures of the world. I ended up lowering the threshold in order to continue smoothly, but I began to gain more conscious control over my brain waves, and it got much easier as the meditation went on!

“These things take practice. Meditation is a wonderful tool! I know that as time goes on, I will have far more control over my brain activity, and I’m rather excited for this. Meditation trains your brain in general, it is supported by a lot of research, and it has so many health benefits! Likewise, neurofeedback trains your brain right before your eyes, as the brain waves continue to rise and steady appropriately. How cool is that?”

Try It, Love It, and Benefit Your Brain

With the new uDream session, you can try out the Neurofeedback VR Meditation! Our uDream Experience is specially designed as an approach to stress, anxiety, and sleep issues. Combined with other brain-training and brain-calming technology, you will leave feeling nothing short of relaxed and renewed!


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