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Students have a lot to worry about. There’s the stressful workload: this seems to never diminish as time goes on, and it may only become more daunting during exam seasons. A time crunch for assignments and exam studying certainly doesn’t help! The looming need to stay healthy and active adds to the list, and, of course, there is the expectation to be social on top of all of that!

The summer holiday is a wonderful time to reset before jumping back into school when September rolls around. There are effective ways to do this and to allow yourself maximum potential when you need it. Set yourself up for success!

  • Keep a schedule. Irregularity isn’t kind on the body!
  • Stay active. How about a sport or a club? Or, even taking a walk on a regular basis will have a recognizable impact. On that note…
  • Get fresh air and sunlight when you can! This is the best part about summer; it’s readily accessible and just outside your door.
  • Eat healthy. There’s always room for some indulgence, but don’t forget to feed your brain! Anti-inflammatory foods will especially help as a defense against stress.
  • Mindfulness. Everyone approaches this differently! Focused breathing, mediation, reflective periods; you can’t go wrong by checking in with yourself!
  • Have fun! Of course, this is the best stress-reliever!

Best of luck in preparing yourself for September!

We’ve been sharing these tips with the students that visit us. The uDream Experience is designed for reducing stress, anxiety, and sleep issues. One feature in particular is guided VR meditation!

Our clients have the opportunity to train their brain away from maladaptive stress responses to behaviors that will grant them more success! Combined with the recommended lifestyle above, students will feel ready to tackle anything.



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