Pain Relief with Fun Virtual Reality

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Do you have chronic pain? Our new Virtual Reality pain management program grants you powerful new tools to experience drug-free relaxation and pain mitigation, while virtually traveling to fantastic new worlds.

When you turn on the virtual reality headset, you instantly escape into beautiful nature scenes and sounds. With amazing colors, ocean waves and plants, calming visuals, and nature sounds, you’ll be in a relaxing trance state.


Experience an exciting biofeedback feature that projects your real-time breath inside the virtual reality scene. In particular, rhythmic breathing appears as soft bubbles, while special visual and auditory cues train you to easily control and slow your breath. Your relaxation state deepens and neural pain signals are diffused and weakened, freeing your mind and body for greater peace and well-being.

This Virtual Reality program takes you away to 42 different modules in three categories: Train, Learn, and Soothe.

As a result, you’ll find something for everyone:

Train yourself to control your breath pattern. In effect, your breathing and focus influence the environment around you, building and restoring the scenery with each breath.

Learn about chronic pain and the influence of emotions and life.

Soothe your pain, stress and tension with total sensory immersion in delightful scenery or in a peaceful guided meditation.

Further, this program has foundations in extensive expert research with evidence-based techniques!


Book online at this link, or call us today at 250-941-5596.

To learn more about our other relaxation services, visit our uDream page!


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