The Ideal Sleep Oasis

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Are you having trouble with sleep?  Why not consider re-designing your bedroom entirely around your sleeping needs? With this list of suggestions, you’ll be sleeping better in no time, with little effort or expense!

White Noise

  • Turn off the TV, and turn on the fan, or some other white noise generator. White noise is generally easy to fall asleep to, and works to mask sudden sounds that may occur in the night that startle or worry you.


  • It’s important to have window coverings that will block out light completely when you’re asleep, but are easily moved to let the light in during the day. Natural light cycles are very important to our circadian rhythms: light means wake, dark means sleep!
  • Keep less tech in the bedroom! Any lights can disrupt your sleep, and especially the blue light that comes from electronics.
  • Dimming lights and lamps are always good for soft light in the evening, which allows your brain to wind down before sleeping.


  • The ideal temperature for sleep is around 60-67 degrees Fahrenheit (15-19 degrees Celsius), but everyone varies to some extent. It’s important to find a good temperature that works for you, as being slightly too hot or cold can wake you up in the night.

The Bed

  • Of course, find the right mattress and bedding for you! There are many factors that go into this, such as your sleeping position, your fidgeting, or your existing pain problems. You may even wish to consult a sleep expert!
  • Designate the bed for “bed activities” only! This is a simple factor: the more you limit the activities you do in your bed, the more your brain will associate it with sleep, the more you’ll be tired when lying in it.
  • Essential Oil! Spray some Veeva Sleep Oil Mist in your room before bed! Your room will smell great and you’ll sleep deeper.


  • Calming paint colors and uplifting artwork in the room will influence your mindset simply by being in there!
  • De-clutter! This is an important one, as clutter stresses the mind! Not many people get excited about this, though. You’ll thank yourself after!
  • Plants are pleasant to look at and they help to freshen up the air indoors! Consider these ones below:


At Quiet Mind Co, we prioritize individual needs when considering solutions to sleep issues.  If you want to be able to sleep and relax better, schedule a free 10 minute phone consultation at this link.


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