Looking for a brain health presenter at your next event?

Quiet Mind Co

Our founder, Dr. Tom Diamond, delivers a very interesting one hour presentation that introduces our wellness practice that provides natural solutions for relief from anxiety and stress and to improve sleep.

He provides fascinating information about the brain, and generates lots of audience discussion and participation. This is a great opportunity to gain a neuroscientific understanding of stress, anxiety, sleep and about natural treatments and safe technologies that help. 

Client Success Story

Our clients report significant improvement in sleep quality, positive mood and overall sense of well-being.

I now feel like I have control over my emotions again, rather than the other way around. Feeling blessed to have these treatments and such a positive outcome in such a short time, especially without adding medication.

I have found it takes a team for holistic wellness to come to fruition. I am happy to have Dr. Diamond on my team


About Brainigo

Brainigo Brain Fitness Center was founded in 2014.  Tom is one of 79 Canadian practitioners with Board Certification in Neurofeedback, from the Biofeedback Certification International Alliance. He was trained by renowned neurofeedback pioneer Dr. Paul Swingle, from the Swingle Clinic in Vancouver. He is Registered Clinical Counsellor and has a PhD in the Psychology of Organizations and an MA in Clinical Psychology.

At Brainigo, we help you change your brain so no matter how crazy life gets, you can switch off and bliss out whenever you want. A slower mind and body helps you boost health and energy, and beat stress and anxiety and improve sleep naturally

Tom is a registered service provider for: the First Nations Health Authority Mental Wellness and Counselling (MW&C) program. Contact us to find out if you are eligible for funding through this program. 

His services may be covered by extended health insurance plans.  Call your insurance provider to confirm if they cover a Registered Clinical Counsellor.

Contact us to discuss the possibility of presenting at your next event.


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