New look, new name, same excellent results

Quiet Mind Co.

That’s what you can expect from Quiet Mind Co., the Comox-based alternative health center for anxiety, stress and sleep.

Improving Brain Health

“We’ve been offering peace of mind, literally, to Island clients for more than 10 years by improving their brain health and transforming their lives,” says owner and registered clinical counsellor Dr. Tom Diamond. “And this year we decided it was time for a transformation of our own.”

“These changes in our name and website highlight our focus on empowering people with quieter more powerful minds that can boost self-healing capacity, restore heavenly sleep and create lasting inner peace.”

Previously known as Brainigo Brain Fitness, Diamond is hopeful that Quiet Mind Co. will continue to grow as people experience new and improved treatments for quickly relieving anxiety and improving sleep quality.

Cutting Edge Services

Dr. Diamond employs deeply relaxing technologies like virtual reality, red-light therapy, sound massage, and infra-red heat, plus powerful brain-changing tools like biofeedback, neurofeedback and guided meditation. Customized treatment plans also include lifestyle coaching and natural supplements – all of which work in conjunction to help clients invigorate their brain and body’s self-healing properties.

Treatments have long-lasting healing benefits and are safe, non-invasive and 100 per cent natural. Clients leave feeling both relaxed and revived.”

Dr. Diamond knows all about the powerful healing benefits of a quiet mind having experienced it first-hand.

“At the age of 15, I actually created special meditation techniques to cure myself of an illness that defied treatments by doctors and other healthcare professionals. It’s that experience which led me to a 30-year career in psychology and helping others discover self-healing through deep inner peace.”

In recent years, Dr. Diamond has specialized in assisting people who have lost that inner peace due to stress and trauma, including residential school survivors, first responders and military veterans.

Your Natural Superpower

“When people calm their minds and strengthen their natural capacity to heal, stress coping improves, better sleep occurs, anxiety and pain lessen, and health returns. Our treatments have helped people suffering from insomnia or poor sleep, trauma and PTSD, anxiety and stress reactions, post-concussion problems, depression and migraines. Essentially any health issue caused by an overactive, stressed out brain will see benefits.”

Diamond says a calmer brain can also improve your mental health, boost your immune system, and help you better manage the stress of the COVID-19 pandemic.

To find out how a quiet, calmer brain can help you reach your potential, contact Quiet Mind Co. at



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