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Hands up who is feeling stressed right now.  It’s everywhere.  Now more than ever and it’s a collective stress regarding the same issue, although it’s presenting itself in many different forms.

Our bodies and minds are designed to experience stressful situations from time to time.  We’ve all heard the story about the saber tooth tiger and running for your life.  Fight, flight, flee or freeze.

We see the danger, run from it, and then our body and minds return to calm again.  Not so much right now.  Getting back to calm is not nearly as easy as it used to be.

Right now we are turning on our stress response dozens of times a for a real physiological reason and it’s not a saber tooth tiger, but a variation on it.

When is the second wave of COVID?

Will my business survive?

Will we go into lockdown again?

Will I get laid off from my job?

Will children go to school in September?

Being in a permanent state of fight or flight elevates cortisol and adrenaline and our blood pressure spikes, serotonin and growth hormones deplete, and our immune system gets overwhelmed.  This erodes our inner healing resources.

When we are in this constant state of fight or flight bad traffic and grocery lines feel life threatening at a deep subconscious level (in fact right now, this feeling is very valid, because for many, it feels that way when someone gets a little too close for comfort.

Rest and relaxation builds up our inner resources. Relaxed and healthy routines give us steady energy throughout the day which helps us sleep more easily and deeply at night.  A relaxed body is better at digesting food, building muscle, repairing disease and damage, and reducing inflammation and pain.  A relaxed mind copes better with the effects of stress and aging.  When we relax, we heal faster, think better, and feel happier.

The first key to stress reduction is to recognize that rest and relaxation are not luxuries.  Right now, more than ever, they are necessities.

At Quiet Mind Co, one of the things we recommend alongside our treatment sessions are Veeva supplements.

Veeva’s stress supplement is designed to treat stress where it starts, in the brain and by helping support your nervous system by:

  • Increasing GABA
  • Decreasing cortisol production
  • Moderating neurotransmitters
  • Increase alpha brainwaves
  • Raising serotonin
  • Nourishing the brain for proper function
  • Protecting the brain with antioxidants

Effectively reprogramming the brain to handle stress appropriately as nature intended.

You can learn how to master your stress, switch off when you want, strengthen your immune system and get into your new low stress life.

If you want to join the hundreds of people who have already visited Quiet Mind Co and enhanced their immune systems and changed their response to managing stress speak to a specialist today by scheduling a time to talk.



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