5 Expert tips to stop negative thinking


“Think positive,” everyone always tells you. That’s great advice but it’s sometimes easier said than done. Before you can get the benefits of positive thinking, you need to drop the negativity first! Our subconscious mind can’t hold 2 opposites like positive and negative at the same time.

Today we’re going to share our top 5 tips to help you shed that negative thinking and live a more positive life:

    1. Meditate: Meditation is about uniting your body and mind to achieve inner peace. It is also a great way to bring control back when you feel you have lost control of your body or mind. When you feel your mind racing with negativity, focus on a meditative practice and you’ll soon forget the worry and negativity.
    2. Run (or exercise): Like with meditation, when you exercise you are focusing on something more positive. Have a couple of go-to quick exercises you can do when you’re feeling overwhelmed or having too many negative thoughts that you just can’t shake. Maybe you can do some air boxing, jogging up/down the stairs, or a few calming yoga poses or stretches.
    3. Prioritize sleep: When we don’t get enough sleep, we often get brain fog, have trouble concentrating, and struggle to control our emotions. Getting regular, deep sleep will help you maintain a calm mind so your capacity for making decisions, and resisting negative thoughts is stronger.
    4. Wear an elastic band: Some have success “snapping” the negative thoughts out. Wear a rubber band or elastic on your wrist and every time you catch yourself thinking something negative, give it a light snap. Eventually, you’ll learn where and when these thoughts come on so you can develop strategies to avoid them in the first place.
    5. Surround yourself with positivity: Have you ever noticed that you, even subconsciously, start to emulate people you spend the most time with? Spend time with people who exude confidence and positivity and you’ll start doing the same. Another great strategy is to put sticky notes around your house with positive reminders and messages.

Just know how to process it when it does. For example. If you find a negative thought like “I’m not good at my job,” enter your thoughts, take a momentary step back and look think of how you can rephrase it into something positive: “I rock at new-customer onboarding,” or “I gave a great presentation in that board meeting today.

And, it always helps to have someone in your corner. Dr. Diamond at Quiet Mind Co. can help you better calm your mind and help you more effortlessly turn negative thoughts into positive ones. Contact him for a free initial consultation today.


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