5 Healthy, calming habits you need in 2021


In 2020 we learned a new meaning of the word “resilience.” Our world was thrown off-kilter and many of us struggled to adapt and keep a check on our mental health. 

Sometimes a fresh start, a clean slate, is the best way to move forward. Wipe away everything that happened in 2020 and start 2021 with a fresh mindset and a refreshed mind that’s ready to handle anything the new year wants to throw at us. 

Here are 5 healthy and calming habits that will help you achieve and maintain calm next year: 

Exercise your mind

So many of us make fitness goals (ie: “I want to get 6-pack abs). We rarely make fitness goals for our brains! In 2021, create habits where you can exercise your brain. If you’re creative, maybe writing in a journal is a fun, brain-exercising activity. If you enjoy strategy, regular board game nights with friends or family can become a new weekly activity. Maybe you can do a brainteaser game every morning before you start your day? 

Whatever brain exercise you choose, set aside time every day or every week for some fun brain exercises to keep you sharp and healthy. 

Establish healthier sleep routines

Sleep is when our body and mind heals itself. If your body doesn’t get enough sleep you can experience forgetfulness, brain fog, and increased clumsiness, to name a few. Here are some tips for establishing healthier sleep habits to give yourself the best chance for truly restful and rejuvenating sleep:

  • go to bed and wake up at the same times every night (as much as possible),
  • minimize caffeine, alcohol, and sugar intake,
  • remove electronics from your bedroom, and
  • eat a healthy balanced diet during the day.

Find a way to ground your mind

When things feel like they’re about to spin out of control, or you are feeling increasing anxiety, find a way to pause and ground yourself. As part of your healthy 2021 habits discover how you best ground yourself. You may enjoy meditating, yoga, reading a book, or focusing on specific breathing techniques (like square breathing). Find what works best to calm your mind and have it ready for when anxiety peaks around the corner at you. 

Foster healthy relationships

Are there certain people who just press your buttons too hard? While you may not be able to completely remove these people from your life, do what you can to surround yourself with positive people. You will subconsciously pick up on the traits of those you spend the most time with so surround yourself with people you respect and admire. 

Talk it out, often

What happens when you shake a pop bottle too hard then try to open it quickly? It sprays everywhere! What happens when you shake the bottle then open up a little bit at a time? It’s less likely to spray.

Same with your emotions. If you keep stirring up emotions, without a safe way to release them regularly, it could be harder to “clean it up” later. Have a handful of people in your life who you can call on nearly anytime if you need to talk through emotions and feelings. This way the don’t bottle up inside you can burst out unexpectedly.

As we enter 2021, make a list of new healthy habits you want to adopt to encourage calm in your life. If you need extra support to calm your mind, reduce anxiety, and sleep better, one or more of the 7 holistic treatments from Quiet Mind Co might provide the support you need. Learn more about our services as you browse our website and book a free 10-min phone consultation with Dr. Diamond to get started.


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