2021 Covid Update & Our Services

Quiet Mind Co.

We would like to wish you a Happy New Year.

Things will be a bit different here at Quiet Mind Co. for the next little while.  We have decided to pause in person sessions and move to online counselling via telephone or zoom until it is safer to be together in person.

Online counselling can be a great way to learn new strategies to feel empowered to reach your personal growth goals.

Our holistic approach supports your mind, body and spirit for deep relaxation, self-mastery, and physiological improvement of your response to stress.

Our unique personal transformation system led by Dr Tom Diamond blends Western psychotherapy with Eastern spirituality, and draws from well-established disciplines, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Positive Psychology, Buddhism and Mindfulness.

To book your session use our online booking system.

We will be sure to update our website when we will be able to see you in person in the future.

More than usual during these uncertain times, know that it is perfectly normal to be having challenges with your mental wellness.  The pandemic has caused more isolation leaving us feeling loneliness and anxiety.  Go easy on yourself and be sure to seek professional help if things become really hard to manage.



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