How to overcome “monkey mind” with Meditation


Do you have any health-related new years resolutions or goals for 2021? If you do, knowing how to unlock your inner healer can go a long way to improving many aspects of your health and your life.

Meditation has proven to help you boost your natural healing powers, but they need to be unlocked before you can use them…and unlocking them isn’t always quick or easy.  However, through regular meditation, you can master your inner healing powers and quiet your so-called “monkey mind.”

Why is inner silence so powerful?

Meditation produces happy neurotransmitters and neurohormones such as oxytocin, serotonin, melatonin, dopamine, endorphins and growth hormone. These neurotransmitters help you sleep, heal, and relax.

Regular meditation practices are a great way to flush out negative or worrying thoughts too. In our clients, we’ve seen meditation help to:

  • improve sleep
  • reduce insomnia
  • reduce anxiety
  • reduce stress
  • reduce panic attacks
  • help you cope with life stressors.
  • improve skin and eyesight
  • strengthen heart function
  • recover faster from surgery and medical procedures

Do you have a “monkey mind?”

Buddhist meditators talk about the “monkey mind.” It is a mind that is unsettled and restless (you might be able to relate to this after the craziness of 2020).

Our brains have been conditioned by evolution to be fear-based – to think fast, always be on our toes, and being alert for danger.  Without always consciously thinking about it, our brains are constantly scanning and looking for danger in order to keep us safe.

With meditation, we need to fight against this thousands-year-old system in our brain and tell it we need to slow down and relax. For some, this doesn’t happen overnight, or with their first meditation session, and that’s normal. As with anything new, mastering a new skill takes time.

How to create space in your monkey mind

Here are a few tips and reminders to help you calm your overactive monkey mind:

  • Start small: Even 30 seconds of focused, enjoyable meditation is better than struggling through a longer 30-minute session. Every little bit helps to train your brain and start teaching your brain it’s safe to calm down for even a few minutes.
  • Practice mindfulness: If you can’t do a guided or unguided meditation right now, try practicing mindfulness can help you slow down for a bit. Think about everything you are grateful for.
  • Try a focused hobby: Many people enjoy activities like adult colouring books, crafting, or the newest craze of diamond painting, because these activities require extreme focus, helping you to shut off the outside world for a while, activate the creative part of your brain, and let the “fight or flight” part of your brain take a breather.
  • Schedule meditation into your calendar: Add meditation times throughout your day or week in your calendar. Block off time from other activities and appointments to focus on quieting your mind.

Quiet Mind Co. can help you schedule your meditations or time to quiet your mind. We’re offering virtual counselling sessions to help you talk through any anxieties you may be experiencing right now, and provide you with the tools, including meditations, to help you calm your mind. Book your online counselling session today.


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