7 Holistic Treatments.

Our signature 7 treatment session helps sleep and anxiety by boosting inner peace, brain health and beauty from within.


Healing Relaxation

Our treatments work together to holistically boost the health of your nervous system and increase inner healing capacity. You experience luxurious relaxation that rapidly calms stress and anxiety, and breaks the fight or flight cycle.

You feel immediate and deep inner peace at your very first session. Your self-healing processes flood with new energy. Your neural pathways grow, reconnect your mind and body, and recharge your mind and body.

Red light helps your skin health by increasing collagen and reducing wrinkles and blemishes. Infrared heat reduces inflammation and eliminates cellular wastes. Guided meditation and calming technology provides deep inner rejuvenation. Your skin glows and your eyes radiate health and happiness. 

Our Treatments

Virtual Reality Escape

Fascinating 3D scenes immerse you in a beautiful new reality that takes you far away from worry and stress.

Red Light Therapy

Red light gives your cells raw energy by stimulating cell-protein production in the mitochondria of your cells.

Sound Massage

Sound massage chair converts a broad range of musical frequencies into powerful vibrating waves that heal your mind and body.

Guided Meditation

Master your mind, strengthen your brain-body connection, and drop into deep calm and peace anytime, anywhere.


A special brain-sensing headband gives your brain the workout it needs and wants.

PEMF Energy

An exciting technology that uses gentle energy fields to relax your brain and reset natural biorhythms.

Infrared Heat

Infra-red heat is famous for its detoxifying and anti-inflammatory benefits.

What makes our treatments unique?

We supercharge your health by growing new neural pathways. Your brain and physiology actually change at the cellular level. So you experience real and lasting benefits in both mind and body:

  • Quieter brain and nervous system by training the slow healing brain waves of delta, theta and alpha.
  • Better stress management and faster energy recovery by training heart rate variability and vagus nerve strength.
  • More energy, optimism and confidence by boosting natural levels of “happy” neurotransmitters, including dopamine, melatonin, serotonin and oxytocin.
  • Reduced pain and inflammation by reducing cortisol, cytokines and other inflammatory factors.
  • Improved cellular health by increasing ATP protein production (up to 200%) within the mitochondria of your brain and body cells.

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Share where you’re at and find out if our services are a good fit for you.
Share where you’re at and find out if our services are a good fit for you.

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Share where you’re at and find out if our services
are a good fit for you.

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