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We help you strengthen your natural capacity to sleep well, cope with stress and reduce anxiety. Take control of your wellness with our brain-changing technologies, deep relaxation treatments, natural supplements and guidance and support.

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Our Focus.

We focus on the world’s most powerful inner healer: your nervous system – especially your brain and parasympathetic response.

When your inner healer is strong, you feel great, your skin glows and your eyes radiate energy and joy. You can relax deeply and sleep easily, cope with stress, manage anxiety and pain, and recover from almost any curve ball life throws at you.

What We Value.

Meet Dr. Tom

Certified Neurofeedback Specialist
Registered Clinical Counsellor

Tom Diamond earned his Ph.D. in the Psychology of Organizations and an M.A. in Clinical Psychology at the California School of Professional Psychology. He is the founder of Quiet Mind Company in Comox, BC, where he specializes in brain-changing treatments for sleep, anxiety and stress.

Tom experienced the powerful benefits of deep relaxation when, at age 15, he discovered meditation techniques that cured him from an illness that defied treatments from doctors and other health care professionals. He is passionate about inner peace and mental skills, and devotes his career to helping people discover their own self-healing powers.

Tom has extensive experience with high-stress populations, including First Nations, First Responders and Military Veterans. He has worked as a psychotherapist, teacher, researcher and consultant for individual and organizational clients since 1989. He has directed two university programs in psychology. In his free time, Tom enjoys hiking and skiing with his family.


Qualification Highlights

Events and Public Speaking

Learn fascinating information about brain health and mental wellness from Dr. Tom Diamond, Ph.D.

Fun facts, audience interaction and free tips and tools engage people in a lively and practical explanation about the neurology of stress, anxiety, sleep and PTSD.

Tom also demonstrates 100% safe and natural treatments that calm the mind and strengthen the brain, including cutting-edge technologies like virtual reality, neurofeedback, sound massage and red light therapy, which he provides at Quiet Mind Company in Comox B.C.

Dr. Tom Diamond will be presenting via Zoom at the following upcoming events:

October 21st, 2020

School District 71 Work 2 Wellness Event


Ask if Tom is available to host a zoom meeting to your group by emailing hello@quietmindco.com


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Share where you’re at and find out if our services are a good fit for you.
Share where you’re at and find out if our services are a good fit for you.

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Share where you’re at and find out if our services
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