2021 Covid Update & Our Services

We would like to wish you a Happy New Year. Things will be a bit different here at Quiet Mind Co. for the next little while.  We have decided to pause in person sessions and move to online counselling via telephone or zoom until it


How to transform self-doubt into confidence

We all experience doubts. Self-doubts can creep up on us all the time. But did you know that you can turn self-doubts into confidence? Sometimes we need to fall to learn how to get up. We need to experience certain things in life to make


5 Ways to Calm your Mind During the Pandemic

We’ve already had quite the whirlwind 2020 so far and the Autumn is shaping up to be more of the same. Not knowing what the new school year will bring, what it means for our jobs, and how it affects our access to recreational opportunities


Treatment option offers relief from pain and anxiety

People suffering from chronic pain and stress now have a new treatment option on the North Island. Comox-based brain health expert and registered clinical counselor, Dr. Tom Diamond, has expanded his brain-changing practice to include Virtual Reality (VR) for pain, stress and anxiety management, and


Looking for a brain health presenter at your next event?

Our founder, Dr. Tom Diamond, delivers a very interesting one hour presentation that introduces our wellness practice that provides natural solutions for relief from anxiety and stress and to improve sleep. He provides fascinating information about the brain, and generates lots of audience discussion and participation.


How to Help a Loved One Who Is Stressed

Everyone experiences stress; some more often than others, and we all react in different ways.  Unfortunately, we often don’t know how to deal with our own stress and emotions when they pile up and cause us to break down. As a result, it’s important for


Tryptophan for Anxiety

Tryptophan and Anxiety Diet plays such an essential role in our health. Importantly, everyone knows this, yet few know every inner working to their nutrition; in fact, it would take years to learn everything! Have you ever heard of tryptophan? How about serotonin? Serotonin is


The Vagus Nerve

Considered the parasympathetic nerve, the vagus nerve is essential to relaxation. Reaching many organs, some of its key roles involve the digestive system, heart rate, blood pressure, and inflammation. Of course, these are all important to calming you down after an event; that’s why the


Relaxation Is Not Selfish

Someone out there needs to hear this today: relaxation is not selfish. re·lax·a·tion /rēˌlakˈseiSH(ə)n/ noun the balancing of your body’s cortisol levels. Relaxation seems so frivolous when we are immersed in such a fast-paced world based on productivity. We can’t make time for it because


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