Treatment option offers relief from pain and anxiety

People suffering from chronic pain and stress now have a new treatment option on the North Island. Comox-based brain health expert and registered clinical counselor, Dr. Tom Diamond, has expanded his brain-changing practice to include Virtual Reality (VR) for pain, stress and anxiety management, and


Concussion, Trauma, and a Link To Anxiety

After a concussion or trauma, the brain often becomes inflamed. Neuroinflammation can last for years, causing symptoms that are often viewed as unrelated to the event. Any kind of major stress makes immune cells produce cytokines, inflammatory proteins, which increase the fight-or-flight response and decrease


ICBC Part 7 Coverage

Many people contact us with concussion or head injuries.  They tell us that they have sleep issues, irritability, headaches and or brain fog.  They have had a CT Scan and/or MRI and all were clear. Our QEEG brain map assessment shows imbalances of electrical activity


Neurofeedback and Concussion – from The Broken Brain

Last night I watched Episode 5 in the Broken Brain series about Brain Injury that has been available this week with Mark Hyman MD.  These videos are only available online for a limited time.  I summarized some key points from the wealth of information offered


Healing from Concussion

Join Dr. Tom Diamond for a presentation on Thursday October 26th at 6:30pm at our clinic in Comox where you can learn more about strengthening and healing your brain after a concussion. Whether your concussion is from years ago  or you have just had one,


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