Working with First Responders Training

Tom is participating in Mental Health Competency for Working with First Responders on November 23rd, 2019. This is facilitated by First Responder Health Services through the British Columbia Association for Registered Clinical Counsellors (BCACC). From this training he will learn: Provincial initiatives being implemented through


Depression linked to the immune system

When we are injured physically or psychologically, our immune system first inflames our cells, tissues, blood vessels, even nerves, to increase blood flow to fight disease and repair injury. Then, as a second immune step, the brain interprets inflammation as a trigger to make us


Looking for a brain health presenter at your next event?

Our founder, Dr. Tom Diamond, delivers a very interesting one hour presentation that introduces our wellness practice that provides natural solutions for relief from anxiety and stress and to improve sleep. He provides fascinating information about the brain, and generates lots of audience discussion and participation.


Hygge for Coziness & Comfort

We have a new look! Taylor who was with us for the summer inspired us with Hygge which originates from Denmark and Brooke Finlayson from Yellowdoor Studios designed and sourced all the items in less than 3 weeks. We are very happy with the result.t


The Healing Power of Stress Reduction Therapy

Do you always seem to be stuck in high gear? Is it a struggle to take a break, relax, and sleep? Are you either racing at full speed or dragging yourself through your day? These are signs of a high-stress lifestyle that, if left unaddressed,


Veeva Wellness Products

In today’s world, there seems to be so much to worry about, and it all seems to pile up and overwhelm consistently. This is where mental health comes in. When stress infiltrates the body, everything changes. Your blood chemistry is altered by stress hormones; this


The War Horse Symposium

September 20th-22nd, we will be going to the War Horse Symposium in Black Creek! The War Horse Awareness Foundation is a non-profit organization which dedicates itself to helping frontline service providers through their recovery journey despite the serious trauma they have faced previously, and may


Biofeedback for Stress and Anxiety

Strengthening the Mind-Body Connection Here at BrainiGo we focus on biofeedback, which is a drug-free approach that increases the strength and balance of the brain and the mind-body connection.  Biofeedback trains clients to monitor and influence deeper physiological processes in their autonomic nervous systems. In


Broken Brain Series 2

Broken Brain Series – The Mind Body Connection We are very excited to tune into the next series of Broken Brain starting Wednesday April 3rd at 6:00pm EST which is a series of videos by Dr Mark Hyman a functional medicine specialist in the USA.


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