2021 Covid Update & Our Services

We would like to wish you a Happy New Year. Things will be a bit different here at Quiet Mind Co. for the next little while.  We have decided to pause in person sessions and move to online counselling via telephone or zoom until it


How well did you sleep last night?

When your alarm went off this morning, did you groan and hide under the covers or wake up and stretch with a smile on your face like Snow White in the dwarf’s cabin? The length and quality of your sleep affects how you wake up,


Looking for a brain health presenter at your next event?

Our founder, Dr. Tom Diamond, delivers a very interesting one hour presentation that introduces our wellness practice that provides natural solutions for relief from anxiety and stress and to improve sleep. He provides fascinating information about the brain, and generates lots of audience discussion and participation.


The Ideal Sleep Oasis

Are you having trouble with sleep?  Why not consider re-designing your bedroom entirely around your sleeping needs? With this list of suggestions, you’ll be sleeping better in no time, with little effort or expense! White Noise Turn off the TV, and turn on the fan,


Tryptophan for Anxiety

Tryptophan and Anxiety Diet plays such an essential role in our health. Importantly, everyone knows this, yet few know every inner working to their nutrition; in fact, it would take years to learn everything! Have you ever heard of tryptophan? How about serotonin? Serotonin is


The Vagus Nerve

Considered the parasympathetic nerve, the vagus nerve is essential to relaxation. Reaching many organs, some of its key roles involve the digestive system, heart rate, blood pressure, and inflammation. Of course, these are all important to calming you down after an event; that’s why the


Relaxation Is Not Selfish

Someone out there needs to hear this today: relaxation is not selfish. re·lax·a·tion /rēˌlakˈseiSH(ə)n/ noun the balancing of your body’s cortisol levels. Relaxation seems so frivolous when we are immersed in such a fast-paced world based on productivity. We can’t make time for it because


Bigger Hippocampus = Better Health

Did you know that you can grow your hippocampus? This is a small but critical part of your brain that is responsible for memory, learning and forming brand new brain cells! Yes that’s right. Your brain grows about 700 new cells every day. Eventually all


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